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Longitudinal birth cohort study found that a significant proportion of children

MRI estimates of brown adipose tissue in children – Associations to adiposity, osteocalcin and thigh muscle volume

Serum n-6 and n-9 Fatty Acids CorrelateWith Serum IGF-1 and Growth Up to 4 Months of Age in Healthy Infants

Body mass index classification misses to identify children with an elevated waist-to-height ratio at 5 years of age

Consuming milk cereal drinks at one year of age was associated with a twofold risk of being overweight at the age of five

Parents with overweight children two and five years of age did not perceive them as weighing too much

What makes parents act and react? Parental views and consideration relating to `child health´ during infancy

Overweight at four years of age in a swedish birthcohort, infuence of neighbourhood-level purchasing power

Salivary microflora and mode of delivery: a prospective case control study

Influence of neighbourhood purchasing power on breastfeeding at four months of age: a Swedish population-based cohort study

Milk cereal drink increases BMI risk at 12 and 18 months, but formula does not

Preschool children born moderately preterm have increased waist circumference at two years of age despite low body mass index

Factors associated with discontinuation of breastfeeding before 1 month of age

Population-based waist circumference and waist-to-height ratio reference values in preschool children

Young investigator ward Emma Kjellberg

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